Team Building Ideas For Recruiting On Social Media


Highly Effective Team Building Ideas For Dominating Your Competition Through Social Media

team building ideas, idea for team buildingWe’re seeing it time and time again…news of how social media is becoming the “Main Street” of businesses small and large alike. And as more people join this frenzy of social butterflies, less are making the most use out of their efforts on social sites.

As with any business, team building ideas are crucial for developing a strong foundation, loyal business partnerships, and above all, new established relationships that can develop into higher forms of business development. But what exactly must take place for this process to be successful?

There are several ways to do so using some simple team building ideas on social media. You’ve got to remember, there aren’t just one or two social media sites today that are ONLY getting attention. Literally, there are hundreds of sites and more that are popping up daily that allows for every individual to socialize with anyone sharing their same beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.

Therefore, each site might have it’s own team building ideas and strategies that work better than others, but for this example I’m going to share some very impressive techniques for two specific sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Fast Paced Twitter Team Building Ideas

If you have an account already setup with Twitter, then you’ve probably noticed how ridiculously fast news, ads, status updates, and so on can travel.

And because of this, many business owners feel pressured into doing the same thing to try to catch up, obviously assuming that these are proper team building ideas. They spam their business and it’s products or services, never even try to socialize, and expect to make a profit from Twitter.

But let me share a little team building ideas secret about Twitter…it’s not how fast you deliver content, it’s how relative your content is to your targeted followers.

If you’ve created an account in order to join the fad of “who’s got the most following”, then you’re truly wasting your time. Here’s a couple of team building ideas that will allow you to get the most out of Twitter’s fast-paced environment:

  1. Determine who you want to view your content – Using a simple tool like “Twitter Search” can allow you to search specific keyword phrases that you think your audience would be potentially interested in. Start to build a relationship with the people you find by simple starting a conversation. If you’re able to hold that conversation, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve just found a potential customer or business partner. But that doesn’t mean to automatically start spamming that person. Remember, these are team building ideas, not people scaring ideas.
  2. Locate others on Twitter with a higher influence – Find others in your same industry that have already developed a larger targeted following and begin to give them a little recognition. Simply put, RT (re-tweet) their content and add comments as to how valuable you have found their content to be. also, using a simple tool such as “TwitterFeed” can allow you to automate this process and automatically re-tweet that person’s website content using their RSS feed.
  3. Socialize! Isn’t that what these sites were made for? – OK, even I’m guilty of this. Sometimes we get so caught up in our process of team building that we forget to take the time to sit back at the virtual pub (social media) and throw back a few cold ones with a few friends. You see, when people get to know you for who you REALLY are, they tend to build a level of confidence with you. A level that can determine a successful relationship with a potential customer and/or business partner. Even though you are socializing, you are still using some very resourceful team building ideas to get the job done.
  4. You’re end goal should be to get on a 1-on-1 chat – This team building strategy works with every social media site available. If you are able to lead that new friend or follower over to a more personal chat using yet another powerful tool called “Skype”. Skype is yet another FREE resource I personally use to finalize my personal introduction and allow the person to actually chat with someone in the field or niche they are interested in. (Again, VERY POWERFUL!)

Great, now you understand better on how to dominate your Twitter social media efforts, it’s time to jump over to the GIANT in the social market today…Facebook.

Taking Your Team Building Ideas Over To Facebook

So you’ve probably notice that Facebook is a completely different form of socializing. You have tons of more options for others to get to know you…photos, videos, complete history of employment, so on and so forth. But what most forget is exactly that, Facebook CAN NOT be treated like Twitter. There is no posting as much content as physically possible on order to get noticed.

Team building ideas for Facebook are much more different and require a bit more of finesse when it comes to building relationships.

Users are lots more aware of posts containing links to business pages, offers of “Making Money”, and who can blame them!? I for one have absolutely ZERO tolerance for any form of spam on Facebook.

There’s just no need for it!

Nevertheless, Facebook has proven for me time and time again to be a very powerful resource for networking with the individuals that are looking for exactly what you have to offer using the CORRECT team building ideas.

So without further to do, let’s go over the proper team building ideas for gaining the most out your Facebook efforts:

  1. Get involved! – As a business owner or just your average person browsing the social media world, the worst thing you can do is to remain quiet in a room FULL of people anxious to chat and learn more about you. It might feel strange at first, but replying to someone’s status update, “liking” a few posts here and there, and even using a bit of humor is the best way to allow others to get to know you. Remember, the best team building ideas come from socializing, either online or offline. So don’t be that person at a party that likes to hold up the wall with a drink in their hand. Get out there and mingle!!! 😉
  2. Make them want to say “Hmm….” – I’ve followed several people in my same industry online and there are a few that simply stand out from the rest. The reason is simple…the know how to make others think by posting controversial posts (and no, that doesn’t mean vulgar posts), but making an open-ended comment that would want to make others reply to it, eventually leading to an entire conversation around that subject. Team building ideas is not only about “business chat” but also about topics that people can simply relate to.
  3. Always lead by example – Being that Facebook is more interactive that Twitter, the time for someone to really get to know you and/or your business is steadily available, IF you can capture their attention. Properly using team building ideas such as simply socializing can be very profitable. But if you’re looking into chatting with as many people possible in your niche, ALWAYS lead by example. Don’t just chat about what you know or how profitable your business is (IF the subject comes up), but give them proof. Add links to YOUR content to YOUR Facebook wall (NOT other people’s wall) in which others interested can visit in order to learn more about you. Blogs work great for accomplishing this strategy. By automatically setting up a “NetworkedBlogs” application on Facebook and uploading your RSS feed, every time you make a new blog post, it shows up directly in your Facebook wall. Simple, yet effective!
  4. Again, you’re goal here should also be to drive a person to a 1-on-1 chat – Just as in the Twitter strategy above, your objective should be to eventually have a personal 1-on-1 chat with that new friend and truly get to know them. This also allows them to get to know more about you and what’s actually driving you to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Using the same tool mentioned above (Skype), make a very good “first impression” and create that powerful new business connection.

Hopefully you’re seeing a pattern here. the most powerful team building ideas are all directly related to how YOU brand yourself using social media.

Well, with that said, hope you enjoyed and be sure to leave me some comments and also share this content with YOUR followers and friends on social media.
team building ideas

team building ideas

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