OrGanoGold – Ganoderma Extract Coffee Review

OrganoGold Business And Product Review From An Ex-Skeptic

organo gold ganoderma coffeeOK, so you’ve probably heard of this seemly new product called OrganoGold , right? And you’re probably wondering what it is and why are people trying to sell me this coffee with some herb called “Ganoderma” in it. And you’ve got a good reason to want to learn more about it and find out if all the hype is true or if it’s complete BS.

Well guess what, I was questioning OrganoGold and their business and product lines probably just as much as you are RIGHT NOW.

And who can blame you! With all the hype and scams going around online in today’s economy and all the scammers out there looking to take your money in a heart beat, you’ve got to be VERY CAREFUL on what product and/or company you decide to invest your precious time and money into.

But as skeptical as I was about OrganoGold, I can honestly tell you that the coffee and their products based around the “Reishi Mushroom” (ganoderma) actually worked for me. That’s right, no BS!

OrganoGold Health Benefits Compared To Traditional Coffee

There where tons of health issues that I personally ignored (probably like you ignore your issues as well), thinking that “Yeah, one day I’ll get my priorities straight and maybe start a diet, or exercise daily, or whatever.)

But let me tell you this, as an avid coffee drinker, I NEVER thought that OrganoGold coffee would actually increase my health in any way! Think about it, what is coffee the best known for except for it’s great flavor? …..


And what does caffeine do to your body?

It gives you a small boost of energy, probably when we need it most (in the morning so that we can get our REAR-ENDS into traffic and into that life-draining J.O.B 5-6 days a week), wears off in about an hour, then we physically crash right in the middle of the day when we need our energy most, and then we’re walking around like zombies looking for our second (or sometime third) cup of coffee just to keep us going!

Sound about right??? Yeah, I thought so. 😉

But what about:

  1. Makes your blood more “sludgy” by raising the level of fatty acids in the blood.
  2. Raises blood pressure.
  3. Causes your stomach to produce more acid causing irritation to the stomach linings.
  4. Makes digestion less effective by relaxing the muscles of your intestinal system.

I think you get the point!

Believe it or not, we are doing more damage to our bodies by drinking too much coffee than we actually realize. But what if you can change those effects and begin to increase your health by doing the exact same thing you do every day, enjoying 1-2-3 and more cups of coffee with LESS negative effects to your body with OrganoGold?

How I Got Tricked Into Drinking OrganoGold Coffee

organo gold coffee, organo gold products, organo gold businessI started drinking OrganoGold not because I wanted, but because my wife switched my favorite brand with a cup of OrganoGold’s Gourmet Latte without me even noticing. (Yeah, it actually tasted just as good as my original brand of choice).

When she asked me “Honey, how was the coffee?”, I responded with “Great as usual honey!”. But then I noticed her laughing as if she had done something to the coffee.

As would any husband, my first thought is that she had put ExLax or something in my coffee as a practical joke. LOL!


When she explained to me that I was drinking OrganoGold and the actual benefits it carried,  I thought “why not, I’m always drinking coffee anyway, why not make it a healthier choice.”

One week later and I notice a huge difference in my energy level. From waking up at full speed and slowly running out of steam by 2pm, all of a sudden my energy level is lasting until 6pm, then 8pm. And now I’m pretty much energetic all day!

And that’s not all. Just like many men out there, we can snore like freight trains running cross country. But even the amount of snoring has dropped, not all together, but my wife is getting a better night’s sleep because the decibel level has lowered in our bedroom at night. LOL!

I haven’t checked my blood cholesterol level yet, buy another benefit of OrganoGold’s product line is that it helps with lowering of cholesterol and also high blood pressure (in which I have both).

As for the company and what their commission levels are, you’ll have to speak with me one-on-one either over the phone, through the social media links on the right of this page, or using the Skype link which is also on the right for more information.

OrGanoGold Testimonial From Janel McLaughlin

Here’s a recent testimonial of OrGanoGold shared from a consumer and someone who SWEARS not never go back to regular coffee again:

“Money was tight in December. I had to make some sacrifices at the beginning of the month and one of them was not ordering my OrganoGold coffee. I was going to have to hold off until the end of the month but make sure I still got it in. Before OrganoGold coffee I never drank coffee. I didn’t like the taste of it and how it made me feel. I never really thought of the side effects I was suffering from it before because I just never drank it. Jump forward two weeks and I am out of Organo Gold.

We went 2 days and broke down and bought a bag of a type of Kona Coffee that said it had 100% pure Arabica beans on it. I thought, hmm, we tell people that our coffee is made with Arabic beans, how bad could this be right? I can tough it out a few weeks. Let me tell you what happened for the two weeks Nate and I drank regular coffee:

• Weight gain

• Severe bloating

• Poor bowel movements

• Sleepless nights

• Acne breakout

• Lethargic

• Snoring

• Pain in joints

• Headaches

• Back pain

• Depression returning

This is not an exaggeration of symptoms. This truly happened to one or both of us. I still took the spores when I was out of coffee but I will admit, I am not good with taking pills. I would sometimes forget. But I tell you, Nate and I never forgot to have our coffee or want our coffee in the morning. I wanted that feeling back of how OrganoGold coffee makes me feel in the morning. So I kept drinking the Kona coffee forming a sort of insanity. (Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results..)

So here we are, New Years Eve, and I am getting my Organo Gold order in. I was just giddy. I was ringing in the New Year, with a New Year’s resolution that I would never be without Organo Gold coffee again. I knew this a New Year’s resolution that I was not going to have a problem keeping. Once the Organo Gold coffee was ordered I threw out the coffee I had. I knew it was coming and I could go cold turkey until it arrived.Fast forward to today, January 12, 2013, I received the coffee on January 7th by UPS. I have been on the Organo Gold coffee for 5 days now. I’ll admit I am drinking more of it that usual just because it tastes so darn good and my body is actually craving the feeling it is giving me every time I have a cup. These are the results of being back on the coffee for 5 days having 3 coffees a day and taking 1 spore pill.

• Sleeping soundly

• No tossing and turning (restless)

• No more bloat

• Waking up refreshed

• Acne clearing up

• Energy back in full force

• Digestive system regular (happy bowel movements)

• Depression gone – I was able to get off my anti-depressant and sleep medication with Organo Gold when I started the product. (see other testimony)

My zest and energy is back for Organo Gold. I hope all of you can use this testimony like I am going to because the transformation of just being back on the product since January 7, 2013 was all it took for me to feel the world needs to know about this product.

I am learning more and more about the wonders of Red Reishi. It truly is what they say it is. It keeps the body in an entirely homeostasis state. It keeps the mind and body calm. It truly does rid you of inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of 95% of all illnesses out there. This is not a one pill one ailment sort of thing like all pharmaceutical drugs are. Vitamins and supplements and herbs like Red Reishi truly have the power of one pill fixes many things.

If you have not tried this product before, encourage everyone to take the one box challenge. Just one box is all it took for me to get my life back in order. I feel so great just writing about this right now.”

(You can meet Janel McLaughlin by checking out her latest BLOG POST about OrGanoGold)

I personally like to explain a company’s details and answer any and all questions LIVE over a personal chat. (Just seems more professional. Who wants to take a website’s advise when you’ve got a chance to actually speak to someone about it.)

And for more information on OrganoGold, CLICK HERE to view the site and be sure to check out the “Products” tab to see all of the Organ Gold’s product line and their individual benefits.

To a healthier life with OrganoGold coffee!


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