Are You Truly Prepared To Show Off Your Leadership Skills In Your Industry?

Are You Truly Ready To be A Leader In Your Industry?Leadership skills have nothing to do with your financial status, believe it or not. Saying that you are and actually being one are two completely different stories. Let me explain.

In business, being recognized as a leader or person of influence has a huge impact on your results and outcomes, especially in the “financial” department.

This is why so many people in the network marketing industry try with all of their might to become a well-known, proven leader.

The only problem with that is that they are focused on the outer qualities and do not realize that leadership starts from within.

It starts with actually recognizing in yourself that you ACTUALLY have what it takes to be the person you’ve always dreamed of. The person that you see in your mind and that silently, you admire and want to become with every cell in your body!

So again, I ask you, are you truly prepared to be a leader in your industry? Read More→

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Transition Period of Success – Getting Over the Initial Network Marketing Overwhelm

network marketing overwhelmAfter many Q&A (question and answer) sessions within the network marketing industry, there seems to always be one particular question that always seems to reveal itself.

And that’s the question: “How long does it actually take to begin to see results or even see some sort of profit?”

The reality is that there is no set-in-stone answer to that question.

Because of this, so many newbie network marketers quit after only a short period of joining a new business opportunity.

But today, I will do my best to give you some sort of at-ease feeling that will help you better focus on your mission of becoming a successful home business owner. Read More→

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The Three Most Common Network Marketing Mistakes Most Need To Avoid To Succeed

network marketing mistakes, home business tips, MLM prospecting tipsHave you noticed how HUGE the network marketing industry is getting lately?

Almost everyone is now looking toward the “Work From Home” industry to compensate for either a job loss, financial crisis, or just a different means of generating an income.

And with this in mind, several network marketers are still unaware of the correct way of finding QUALIFIED people to market their business or product to.

This is the main reason we PRO’s have created content such as this article and many more to help you acquire the info you need to succeed in a home business.

In this post, I want to give YOU three specific tips to help you get started on the right foot to finding individuals that WILL be interested in what you have to offer. Read More→

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Why Good Sales Stories Will Keep Your Network Marketing Prospect From Falling Asleep.

 sales stories,sales story,what is a sales story,network marketing prospecting tips,the power of a good storyOne should never under estimate the power of a good sales story. Even today, we still remember those bedtime stories that were told to us as kids.

Ever wondered why? Simple! They held your attention, they were easy to relate to (with some good imagination ;-), and they were easy to remember.

So wouldn’t you think that creating a story that your potential network marketing prospect can relate to and even find easy to remember make your recruiting so much easier?

Watch this video as I explain the 4 steps to creating an awesome sales story. Read More→

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What To Do When Trying To Intensely Prospect Anyone into Your MLM Just Doesn’t Feel Right

What To Do When Trying To Intensely Prospect Anyone into Your MLM Just Doesn’t Feel RightThe reality is, not everyone cares about your MLM or Network Marketing business!

I thought that would catch your attention. 😉

It’s overwhelming, I know, when you have your upline telling you to prospect anyone with a breath and a pulse to join your business. Here’s the truth that many uplines won’t tell you:

Trying to prospect everyone will lead you to a 99% “No” response rate which only leads to stress and frustration regarding your chances of becoming successful.

Me personally, holding meetings with a room full of strangers, probably not qualified to become entrepreneurs, in my living room, was getting old FAST.

In addition, from recent conversations with others in the MLM industry, the majority are feeling the same as well. Read More→

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Internet Marketing Consultant Pablo Gonzalez Interviews First Female Industry Leader Lena Bjorna – Success Mindset

At a recent CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event in Boca Raton, FL., Pablo Gonzalez gets an opportunity to personally interview top industry leader and his “Personal Marketing Coach and Mentor” Mrs. Lena Bjorna on the topic of success mindset.

Lena Bjorna goes over three specific action steps any person MUST take to reach the level of success she has reached in a period of just 2 years. You heard that right, 2 YEARS!

Watch the video and then add your first name and e-mail to the right to get an opportunity to be personally coached by not only myself, but by MY personal coach as well, Mrs. Lena Bjorna. Read More→

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An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Thanks to all my readers requesting information on where to find those cool images I use on my blog, I’ve decided to make this video tutorial on how you too can add some awesome pics to your blog and/or website.

Watch the video below, follow the instructions, leave me some comments, and above ALL, subscribe to allow me to personally teach you even MORE ways to be SEEN online. Read More→

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Copywriting for Dummies: How to Sniff Out What Your Target Audience Really Wants

copywriting, tips on copywriting,copywriting for dummies,how to write good copyHave you been writing ad after ad after ad and still can’t seem to figure out your target audience? At one point or another, we’ve all been there.

I can still remember my first attempts at copywriting. Boy was it bad! I mean really.

The content was boring, monotonous, and had no real sense of direction if you even made it all the way to the end. 😉

Ever feel that way? Like your content just doesn’t turn you on. It doesn’t even appeal to YOU so imagine how someone else would feel if THEY read it.

Fortunately, I learned from my many, many mistakes as to what I was missing and how to add it to my copywriting .

There were many things missing to my particular style of writing. But there was one in particular that seemed to make every other attempt at writing good articles, ads, press releases, etc. Read More→

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Step-By-Step Guide To Easily Using Online Video Marketing

online video marketing training, tips for your home business marketingOnline video marketing, among home business owners, has always been one of those strategies everyone wants to master but not many fully understand how.

Recording a video is one thing, but actually knowing how to make that video start generating leads for your business is a completely different animal by itself. Those that choose to tackle online video marketing as a source of lead generation start with a few videos and soon quit after not seeing the results they want.

If you’re working your business from home on a very limited budget, online video marketing can be a great way to not only get massive exposure online, but also be used as a marketing strategy that could possibly start bringing you 100’s of leads per week. Again, IF done correctly!

Remember the “Google Slap?” Many network marketers had their accounts closed due to recent changes in the terms of usage on Google Adwords. Did you know that Google also owns YouTube? Read More→

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Ever wonder if network marketing leaders are really who they say they are?

focus on successHow can a normal person, living a supposed normal everyday life be so successful at their business without it interfering with their personal lives? This is a question we as home business owners receive everyday from individuals that are interested in what we have to offer.

Nevertheless, the task of staying organized and focused is an easy one, if and only if you can manage to follow these two very simple steps I’m about to reveal to you. But first, let’s get a better understanding as to what these qualities can achieve for you.

Understand that nothing is more important than a focused life. If you’re able to stay the course in whatever you’re trying to achieve, obviously that path will be an easier, less complicated path to reaching your specific goal. On the other hand, if you’re losing your mental stability trying to literally split yourself in four different parts as you’re trying to go down four different paths, the chances of you getting to your goal is slim to none.

It’s just like a good friend and mentor once told me, “You can’t chase 100 different rabbits down 100 different rabbit holes and expect to catch one.” Read More→

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