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Is Your Marketing Lead Qualified To Work With You

marketing lead“What do you mean are they qualified to work with me? Isn’t this industry for everyone?”

These are the most common question I receive when I ask a new business associate and they look as if they didn’t know that each of their marketing lead should be pre-qualified.

Sounds like a lot of work? It’s actually much more simple that what you would expect. But hang tight because towards the end of this post, I’ll be sharing with you a SECRET to having your marketing lead pre-qualified on autopilot!

The Importance Of Qualifying Each Of Your Marketing Lead

In the online marketing / network marketing industry, as in any other business model, your ability to generate consistent marketing lead will determine your level of success.

Or have you seen a successful local store that has ZERO customers?

No, I didn’t think so!

Even though you don’t have a store front to attend to in the online world, in reality your store front is your online website or presence.

The difference is that while owning a brick and mortar business, you rely on customers to purchase at retail, while in the online business world, your ability to qualify your marketing lead is what’s going to determine the results you will have in your business.

For example: If you were the CEO of a multi-million dollar business and where interviewing for a position available in your company, would you hire someone that does not qualify for that position?

The answer would be “NO”.

You would want many applications of QUALIFIED people that all meet the criteria of that position, in which all you would have to do is find the MOST QUALIFIED of them all.

For the network marketer, being able to have a LARGE list of qualified marketing lead would be a dream come true.

But the reality is that most home business owners are not aware that they CAN pre-qualify a marketing lead before giving them the next step in taking action.

When To Direct Your Qualified Marketing Lead To Take Action

The qualifying process of your marketing lead is actually not that difficult. You can qualify them the old fashioned way (which believe it or not still works because I do it every single day), which would be:

  • Cold calling your leads
  • Asking them specific question to determine how motivated they are
  • Sending them to various action steps BEFORE allowing them to join
  • The taking your marketing lead through the sign up process, which can also lead to the “hand holding” process throughout their experience in your business (unless you have a system to do that for you already)

Or, you can use a system to pre-qualify your marketing lead that will allow you to FOCUS  on the part of your business that actually makes you the money!

So what kind of system would do that for you?

You’re About To Witness How These 3 “Weird” Marketing Tricks Can Help You Qualify Your Marketing Lead On Autopilot 

Click the link above and watch the short video to find out EXACTLY how to get your business to grow on complete autopilot!

Stop wasting time trying to qualify every single marketing lead and start to make some money!

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