Why Your Focus Should Be On Customer Retention And Not On Just Acquiring New Distributors


Why You’ve Steered Away From Customer Retention

customer retentionInformation overload seems to be one of the biggest reasons why so many in the industry of network marketing FORGET the purpose of the products they market. Realistically, what better way to build your business than to have a high customer retention that continuously purchase and refer the products to the individuals they personally know?

Knowledge on leadership, networking, business building, internet marketing, and so on steers away from your main focus.

Every business in the industry of network marketing offers some pretty amazing products NOT found in local stores, hence WHY they have been created to be marketed through this very same industry.

With that said, WHY are so many people still not understanding the importance of customer retention when it comes to building their network marketing business?

Customer Retention Vs. Your Elevator Pitch

We’ve ALL been approached by someone trying to share OR improve their business elevator pitch in some point in our lives. And by now, I think we are ALL a bit tired of having someone trying to pitch us on the “Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”.

Furthermore, in working my business in this industry daily, even I have built up a imaginary WALL against people that are only out for their own progress and can truly care less about YOUR or MY concerns and opinions as to the personal benefits to any network marketing opportunity.


The reality is people LOVE to buy but they HATE to be sold, PERIOD. Hence why your focus should NOT be in pitching everyone with a breath and a heart beat about your business, but to build a strong customer retention on the product you have to offer.

And truth be told, that if YOU are finding it hard to even develop a strong customer base for your particular product, the odds of you finding distributors for your business will be even harder!

So how exactly do YOU build your network marketing business by focusing primarily on your product’s customer retention?

What Your Product MUST Have In Order To Create A High Level Of Customer Retention

There are several different aspects of products that make it highly sought after and are aspects that YOU in this industry NEED to fully comprehend if building a profitable network marketing business is of course, your goal.

Here are three customer retention aspects to what your products MUST have:

  1. It must be a product that is ALREADY in high demand: One of the most important aspects to any business, being network marketing or traditional business, must be the fact that the product you offer is already in high demand. For example, COFFEE. Tapping into a product that can typically be related to an ADDICTION will give you a higher return on your investment and consistently bring in profits because of it’s ability to be want customers wanting more of it.
  2. Your product must be highly consumable: Meaning that if your product is one that people physically consume on a daily basis, and sometimes more than once, your customer retention increases even more.
  3. The product must be comparable to either taste or texture to it’s comparable: If you are marketing a product that people can consume somewhere else, why would they want to consume YOUR specific product? Your customer retention will depend on your products improved or matched taste, color, texture, benefits, and so on so that your customer will have a sense of comparison to their previous favorite brand.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many niches in products that are NOT consumables, but remember that your profit margin will be higher when your customers continue coming back for more and even more of YOUR particular product.

Hope this information was helpful to you in YOUR business. If you are particularly looking for a business with a product that matches these aspects, then I invite you to visit

Leave me your comments as they are always welcome! Be blessed and I wish you absolute success in maintaining your customer retention.

customer retention

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