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Strategies To Beating The Indecisive Subconscious Voice That’s Telling You To Quit

the power of the subconscious mindEver heard the phrase “successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly?” If you’re undecided on what you want out of life, there’s no true way to focus on your goals, because honestly, you don’t have any.

Let me share with you a story. As days go by, life continuously challenges us.

Whether at our mental state, physical state, or financial state, we always are faced with some sort of challenge that at first might seem overwhelming.

And as the story goes for a hard working man, his life seemed as if there were too many options to take and just not enough hard core information to make a good decision. So he thought…

You may already know, or yet realized, that with every failure comes a lesson to be learned. But as with this gentlemen, his eyes never seemed to be opened far enough to see the door that has opened because of the two others doors that shut for him. Read More→

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