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Offline Prospecting – The Do’s And Don’ts of How to Break the Ice

offline prospectingStriking up a conversation with someone in your offline prospecting for most seems to bring forward this enormous fear of rejection. “How will I approach someone?” “What will I say?” “How will they respond?” Blah, blah blah!!!

Have you noticed that when it comes to offline prospecting, because it’s being done with the intention of leading the conversation towards what you have to offer, becomes one of those tasks that you’d rather visit a dentist instead?

Most people are intimidated, frustrated, have a low self-esteem, and absolutely have no idea how to break the ice with someone when it comes to prospecting.

But is offline prospecting truly that difficult? Why can most people start a conversation with anyone as long as in their minds they know it’s not being done with the intention to prospect?

It all comes down to one thing, FEAR.

Can Offline Prospecting Be Your Most Powerful Source Of Sponsoring?

In our industry, we tend to become blinded with the technical part of our business and/or the specific details of our products.

The nutritional facts, the compensation plan, the marketing system, while all very important to understand, can hinder you from focusing on the main objective, PEOPLE.

Offline prospecting is absolutely NOT about sharing your business’s details, but of sharing YOUR value to others and becoming a resourceful leader in their eyes, a person that they are going to feel the utmost confidence in helping them achieve whatever their specific goals are.

Being a leader is where your focus needs to be, AT ALL TIMES!

So how DO YOU become a person that can easily “break the ice” in your offline prospecting and master the art of closing your leads into your business and/or product?

Below, I’m going to share FIVE simple steps to offline prospecting and to ease the stress of “Rejection”.

The Five Steps To Mastering Offline Prospecting

There are so many different ways that I can explain to you the “How-To” of offline prospecting,  But the most important and CRUCIAL steps that you will need to master are as follows:

  1. Change Your Philosophy – Your attitude and energy is contagious, in case you haven’t already noticed. Everyone around you will QUICKLY feel what and how you feel. So with that understanding, wouldn’t you want your attitude and energy to be that of someone attractive, someone that automatically has people flocking to you because they feel your positive energy and your appearance emulates just that? Begin your day on a positive note for the sake of attracting people to YOU in your offline prospecting, instead of you chasing after them.
  2. Smile – Even though you might think smiling might not be important, it is actually one of the most powerful ways of showing someone that not everyone they will encounter is absolutely disgusted with their lives. Walking around with a smile causes curiosity. People while you are offline prospecting are going to want to know WHY are you smiling and what do you know that they don’t. It’s like the old saying “Curiosity killed the cat!”
  3. You’ve Got 30 Seconds – Once you’ve caught the attention of someone, make it a habit to say something positive about that person in the first 30 seconds. That’s right! In YOUR first 30 seconds because that’s about how much of their attention you’ve captured by getting their eye contact and smiling. You won’t believe how simple this is to do and the amount of positive reactions you will receive when doing so.
  4. Don’t Pitch Your Business – Contrary to what your upline or mentor will tell you, pitching your business on the “First Date” will give you the same results as going for 3rd base on a REAL date your first time out with that person. Not a good one! 😉 Look to listen more than speaking and trying to capture certain pain points that either you or your business/product can become a solution for.
  5. The Follow Up – Network marketing is very similar to being a farmer. As a farmer, you have to first cultivate the soil, then plant the seeds, water them consistently, and then maintain your harvest by keeping out all the bugs and weeds that will trying to kill your all of your hard work. The follow up is as crucial in your business as the maintenance work performed by the farmer on a daily basis. Build that offline prospecting relationship with that person and look to inspire them consistently. How? With drawing mental pictures! Share with them your vision and allow them to also imagine what life would be like if they had the things they truly wanted.

Even though simple, these steps are the foundation of ANY network marketing business and should be yours as well. As a recommendation, I’m going to HIGHLY suggest you pick up your copy, if you haven’t done so already, of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.

If you already have a copy, GO BACK A RE-READ IT. Because if you’re having trouble getting the results you want in your business, then you unequivocally need a refresher!

Stay focused, stay positive, and attract success in your offline prospecting!

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