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Offline Prospecting – The Do’s And Don’ts of How to Break the Ice

offline prospectingStriking up a conversation with someone in your offline prospecting for most seems to bring forward this enormous fear of rejection. “How will I approach someone?” “What will I say?” “How will they respond?” Blah, blah blah!!!

Have you noticed that when it comes to offline prospecting, because it’s being done with the intention of leading the conversation towards what you have to offer, becomes one of those tasks that you’d rather visit a dentist instead?

Most people are intimidated, frustrated, have a low self-esteem, and absolutely have no idea how to break the ice with someone when it comes to prospecting.

But is offline prospecting truly that difficult? Why can most people start a conversation with anyone as long as in their minds they know it’s not being done with the intention to prospect?

It all comes down to one thing, FEAR. Read More→

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