From Living Ordinary To Extraordinary – Finally Breaking Through The Terror Barrier


Breaking The Mythical Terror Barrier

terror barrierAmazingly enough, we have been mentally programmed to believe that there is some kind of invisible wall that stops us from going any further in our lives, the mythical terror barrier. Have you noticed it? As soon as you begin to step closer towards any goal that you’ve set, you begin to get these butterflies in your stomach, a feeling of nervousness begins to overcome you, and you begin to doubt if the next step you take is going to be the right one.

I want to share a personal situation that has happened recently in my life in which I had to confront this terror barrier head on. A situation that many would steer away from, say to themselves “Oh, that’s insane! I would be nervous about what would happen.”

For years, I believed in my heart that there was more to life than what was happening around me. That someone had placed us here for greatness, and not for living a life of lack and fear.

This terror barrier kept me from moving forward, but in my mind, I knew there was much more.

Throughout my life, I was viewed as someone that had just a bit more courage to do certain things. I would unconsciously take risks that others viewed terrifying. Financial, personal, emotional, and even spiritual risks that thankfully made me the person I am today.

But even though I lived a bit more risky than others, still there it was, a terror barrier that simply HAD to be broken. It was the only way to move forward.

And I was determined! A bit hard headed too. But that hardheadedness drove me to see and experience things and opportunities that others were simply too afraid to accomplish.

You see, I believe strongly in my heart that LIFE is wonderful. No matter what the news, media, television, or nay other source can possibly tell you. Life is strictly what YOU make it out to be.

But what about this terror barrier? The fear we all have inside of taking the next step? The fear of “what if”?

A Huge Step Closer To My Terror Barrier

Taking a leap of faith is probably the most difficult thing a person can do. We are mentally programmed to fear chances, unknown opportunities, unseen incredible results from the possibilities that lie ahead.

But in reality, the terror barrier that we so view as some 100 foot wall that we must climb, dig under, or break through, in reality, simply is the door to freedom.

A door that because we don’t know what lies on the other side, we refuse to open in fear that we won’t like or feel as not worthy enough to receive. So we stop directly in front of it, look left and right, up and down, and say to ourselves “Oh well, I guess this is how far I go!”

If only we looked a little deeper into this terror barrier, realizing that backwards would be the norm for many, and that it took a lot of effort to even get to this terror barrier, why would ANYONE want to quit when we’re only “3 feet from gold”?

Recently, and practically everyday as an entrepreneur, I face this terror barrier head on. But the latest event in my life was probably one of the largest terror barriers that I’ve had to break through.

As a husband, father, brother, son, and follower of CHRIST, I felt the heavy burden of responsibility being carried on my shoulders. I continuously feel that I have a mission to accomplish in this life in order for me to move on peacefully when it’s my time to go.

As a younger man, noticed I said “younger” ;-), I had chosen a career that I believed at the time would open new doors, provide an abundant future, and give me the sense of accomplishment I needed to continue moving forward.

But as the years past, that career decision seemed to become doubtful in accomplishing any of my goals. Doors began to close, opportunities for advancement began to shrink, and my life was slowly spiraling down financially.

“What to do”, I thought. “Should I make a career change this far into my life? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I am seen as a joke? What if my family does not give their approval?”

These were just some of the thoughts running through my mind. The terror barrier was getting larger and larger as the years went by. But the time had come.

It Was Time To Break Through This Terror Barrier

The time for me to make a decision, either to sink to the bottom or swim like a dolphin! But in order to swim, I had no choice but to break through this non-existent terror barrier I had created in my mind for years and years.

After working a career of 18 years, I finally did it! I broke the terror barrier! I walked up to my boss at the time and explained to him my decision.

I can still see his face in amazement as I told him not only that I was leaving my 18 year career, but leaving it for the network marketing industry.

The man looked at me as if I had three eyes! LOL

But this was a decision I strongly felt was, and still is, my calling. The opportunity I needed to move forward towards my dreams and vision of giving my family the absolute best life they can possibly have!

And here I am today, sitting in my home office, writing you this article so that YOU too can see that this so-called terror barrier is a myth, something created to scare YOU into being complacent to what you have and feeling as if you don’t deserve any better.

You deserve SO MUCH MORE! You are not limited to your outside circumstances. You are not limited to the opinions of others. And you are not held back to accomplish ANYTHING you want to accomplish in your life!

Break through this terror barrier just as I did, and move forward to a better life, a better YOU!

Be blessed and I pray you and everyone else reading this post will live a life by their design, and not by the design of others, as you break through that terror barrier.

terror barrier

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