Influence, The Most Profitable Business Trait You Must Have


Revealing 6 Easy Ways To Master The Most Profitable Leadership Skill, “Influence”

leadership skillEver wonder what leadership skill some people have that automatically make them stick out of a crowd?

Ever think to yourself  “I wonder what he/she has that I don’t and why I don’t have what that person does?”  ie. the lifestyle you want.

There’s no true magic behind it folks. These people have developed a leadership skill, probably without even knowing it, that allows them to just attract whomever or whatever they absolutely please.

Sickening, ain’t it? Just kidding! 😉

But in this post, I want to share with you 5 very simple, very easy leadership skill steps you can take starting today to begin increasing the level of influence you have, in business or in your personal life.

Defining The Leadership Skill That’s The Cause Of Automatic Attraction

Before I reveal these simple steps to creating abundant influence, let’s first define the leadership skill of influence.

Influence: the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.

[Definition courtesy of]

Check that out again, “to be a compelling force on the actions, behavior, opinion of others.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it takes to be a true leader in your life, in business, and an absolute influence on the lives of others.

You MUST develop a leadership skill that will separate you from the heard of bring you to the front of ANY situation so that you can LEAD your followers into the life the want to have, the goals they want to achieve, and the confidence that YOU as a leader will give them.

OK, so are you ready to learn these leadership skills and start becoming that awesome leader I KNOW you are?


Time To Kick Start Your Leadership Skill Training

Alright, so let’s break down the 5 simple steps to developing this profitable leadership skill called INFLUENCE:

  1. Taking A Personal Responsibility: If you can show others that you are willing to take on the utmost personal responsibility of your actions, you are branding yourself as someone that can be relied on, someone that can be trusted, and someone that WILL give 100% of yourself in order to lead others to victory.
  2. Wake Up Every Morning Ready To Carve Out Your Own Path: Take the initiative to get up, each and every morning, anxious to get the day started. Keeping a positive outlook on life, even when life dropkicks you right between the eyes, is what these influential folks have that most don’t. Remember, you only live 1 life, so start making each day a mission to live life to the extreme.
  3. Have A Vision, A Powerful Imagination:  You see, leaders don’t see thing like most people do. That’s why most people will call them outcast because they think either they’re weird, they live in this LA-LA land when everything is pink and rosy, and just don’t fit in. Well let me tell you something, Albert Einstein was classified just that, A WEIRDO! Yet he became the greatest mind in this world. Why? Because he had a clear vision of what he wanted, what he enjoyed doing, and was NOT influenced by the opinion of others. You need to develop a clear vision of what you want and go for it! No matter what ANYONE tells you.
  4. Manifest Your Words: The thoughts that you have, believe it or not, you manifest. What you have to learn is to manifest your words. Make those positive thoughts into positive words and begin to manifest them into actions for the utmost benefit of those that follow you. In life, what you give and what you do is EXACTLY what you get back. This is why true leaders say and do above and beyond what the average person would do, and this is what will qualify them as LEADERS.
  5. Always Have Action Plans Of Achievement: Make a to-do list, prioritize that list by urgent vs important, and begin to put into action the steps that will bring you closer to your goals. Remember, you need a plan of action in order to begin taking the steps you need at reaching your goals. Goals that when achieved, serve as personal proof of what YOU as a leader are capable of.

Influence is absolutely THE MOST important leadership skill you’ll need to achieve success in anything you do.

But be prepared, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

With that cheesy quote out of the way 😉 , leave me a comment below and tell me two things:

  • First, what you got most out of this post.
  • And, how I can personally help YOU at developing these skills and possibly using those skills to becoming FREE of this grasp life has on most people.

Start building that leadership skill!

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  1. Brilla says:

    Many thanks for discuss pretty beneficial information. Your web is great I am impressed by the material that you’ve on this weblog. It shows how nicely you comprehend this topic. Bookmarked this valuable web page, will come back for a lot more. You, my buddy, amazing! I found just the facts I already looked everywhere and just wasn’t able to come across. What a perfect website. Such as this web site your internet site is 1 of my new much-loved.I like this knowledge proven and it has given me some kind of idea to possess good results for some cause, so keep up the beneficial operate!

  2. Steven H says:

    I especially agree with taking a personal responsibility and manifesting your words. So many business leaders in todays economy would rather defer responsibility to others. It is not only unethical, but it makes the people who work under you (your “tribe”) feel abandoned. They won’t be loyal to you if you aren’t loyal to yourself.

    Manifesting your words – this is just important because language is such a big part of how we communicate (especially on the internet where we don’t have tone of voice or body language to read). As someone who is big into NLP, I know how powerful words can be depending on how we use them.

    Great information Pablo. Keep up the good work.
    Steven H´s last blog post ..To Catch An Insight

  3. Ramon Polo says:

    True that, Pablo.

    Influence is the most important thing to be a LEADER.

    A very good book on influencing people is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Cornegie.

    If you haven’t read it, I recommend it to you 😉

  4. Steven H says:

    Jim Collins has some great literature on what he calls “Level 5 Leadership” in his book Good To Great. It entailed things like accountability, modest, but also having a big vision for the future.
    Steven H´s last blog post ..PsychNews- Sep 26 – Oct 2

  5. Pablo says:

    Absolutely! Great book Ramon. Read it several time and it never get old. Always grab a new piece of information ever time I read it. Kinda like “Think and Grow Rich”.

  6. Gordon says:

    I like the oldie but goody “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Leadership can be learned however, never stop learning it.

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