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Differentiating Urgent Vs Important Daily Tasks In Your Home Business

urgent vs importantUrgent vs Important. This has always been an issue when you’re trying to manage the one-hundred-and-one tasks you assign yourself in this home business industry.

But the frightening part is, only about 3% of entrepreneurs know how to differentiate between urgent vs important.

Checking your emails, staring at Twitter and Facebook for hours, organizing your desk, positioning your phone just right so to be ready to call those leads you’ve been dreading to call, etc.

These, among a ton of others, are tasks we ALL have to deal with throughout our days, weeks, months, and years in this industry.

But separating these menial tasks down to the bear minimums and sorting them by urgent vs important, you’ll see a HUGE change in the things you’re actually FINISHING compared to those things that SHOULD HAVE been completed yesterday.

So for all of you struggling with knowing what tasks to do first, second, third, and so on, I’ll break down a very simple strategy to getting the most out of your days as a home business entreprenuer.

Breaking Down Your Daily Tasks As Urgent Vs Important

As you start your week, you’re probably sitting in front of your computer thinking “Where the !@#$ do I start! I’ve got so many things to do that I can’t decide on which one to begin with.”

Don’t worry. We’re going to straighten out the cluster-%^&* of a to-do list you have and get you seeing some of those tasks completed. 😉

Let’s begin:

  1. First in this classification of urgent vs important, you’ll need to take a sheet of paper and draw a line right down the middle.
  2. Next, on the left column, write “Urgent” on the very top. Then write “Important” on the next column.
  3. Ok, now here is where it gets tricky. You need to break down ALL of your tasks and categorize then each as being urgent vs important. [TIP: The “Urgent” tasks will be the ones that are going to generate you money.]
  4. Finally, write down all of those supposed “Important” tasks on the right column.

After you’ve done this, tell me if you see a pattern. (Comment below)

See one? I thought so!

You’ve probably been labeling urgent tasks as important and vise-versa.

Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done that and in some cases still do.

So what do you do know with this urgent vs important list?

Taking Your Urgent Vs Important List To The Next Level

Alright, the key is to grab the first five tasks on your “Urgent” column and get those done ASAP. This leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of having a bit more time to focus on those other tasks.

Here’s what I do:

  • Each and every Sunday I organize my list, separating my tasks by urgent vs important.
  • Before I start out my new week, I chose five tasks that  I will perform daily, five that I will perform weekly, and five that I will perform quarterly.
  • Each task that I choose will be “money generating” tasks, and all other can wait until those are completed first. (Sorry Twitter!);-)
  • Once my “Urgent” column was done, I’d move on to the important, making sure ALL tasks on BOTH columns were done for that day.

Sounds like I’m running a Boot Camp in my office, don’t it!? hehehe

But the good thing is that I only have one employee, ME!

Nevertheless, if organizing your days, setting daily goals, and actually completing them is what’s keeping you back from getting what you want out of your home business, then this is what it takes to get it done.

Now I can’t take full responsibility for learning how to differentiate urgent vs important in my business, but it was actually MY BUSINESS that showed me these really cool strategies.

Imagine that, a home business that actually cares about YOU making the most out of your days.

Well, hoped that helped you out. Be sure to leave your comments below before you leave. I’d love to hear them and actually chat with you as well.

Take care!

urgent vs important

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  1. Tony says:

    Hey Pablo,

    This is really good. I’m going to have to put this into effect asap. I always get caught-up with checking my email too much…been doing some house cleaning in that area.

    Great points here to put into action.

    Tony´s last blog post ..Regain Your Passion

  2. Pablo says:

    Hey Tony, thanks for stopping by! Ha, we all have to put some sort of action plan together in order to straighten out our tasks as entrepreneurs. But I find the hardest part for most is to actually BEGIN implementing an action plan. It’s not the same saying you’ll do it and actually doing it. 😉

  3. jean marie says:

    Thanks, Very useful resource!!

  4. annuaire says:

    I like this. Bookmarked!

  5. Ilene Wolhok says:

    Yo, recently been keeping with your writing online, but yet never ever posted anything before. Decided I would personally post something. I found this great article you published extremely instructive. There was some specifics that wern’t completely clear, yet on the whole, the write-up was in fact great — not that you require anyone telling you just what you currently know, lol. Anyway, keep it up!

  6. FJ says:

    Nice job Pablo. A lot of valuable tips on how to get organize and achieve better results. Like always great article.


  7. Pablo says:

    Thank you FJ! Always a pleasure to add some great content. 🙂

  8. I agree with your post absolutely and I am now interested in reading some more of your posts on your blog and see what you have to say. Do you mind if I tweet your blog post out to my followers on twitter? I think they would also enjoy the blog post. Thanks.

  9. Pablo says:

    Thank you Allyson! Feel free to share my content with anyone you please. 🙂

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