Two Making Money Online Myths Debunked


Two Myths Of Making Money Online Debunked And Resolved

making money onlineMy goodness, can there be anymore information about making money online? Really! Geeez!!!

Even as a marketing coach, taking a few minutes to do some research on any topic that has to do with making money online just flat-out gives me a headache.

Now I can imagine most of you entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs doing the same:


  1. Going to Google,
  2. Typing in a certain keyword to research,
  3. And getting spammed with everyone and their mother saying “The BEST Marketing Strategy For Driving A Shit-Load Of FREE Traffic And Making A Gazillion Bucks Online!!!” Blah, Blah, Blah…..

People, this gets old, QUICK!

But if you’re searching on  making money online, just WHO do you listen to?

Ahh! The ALL powerful question everyone wants an answer to.

So, in favor of my absolutely fabulous readers (Yes, that was some serious Ass-Kissing there!) ;-), I will do my best to debunk the myths of making money online within this very post.

So stay with me here. 🙂

Making Money Online Without Providing Value

Here’s myth #1, “I can just announce my business opportunity to everyone everywhere and I’ll be making a ton of money!!!”

B.S.! If this is what you’ve been told, the sad truth is you’ve been lied to. (I know this might offend some, but guess what, I DON’T CARE!)

In my opinion, this has been the absolute BIGGEST lie told online by those that say they’re making money online, when in fact, they’re BROKE!

They’re telling you these lies in order for you to either join or purchase some lame product they claim to be the best thing next to sliced bread.


The truth is simple: You must do your research and find out WHO online among the tons of professional (or so-called professional) marketers and bloggers who are actually providing a service that is working TODAY, not yesterday, not last year, but TODAY!

HOW? Simple.

  1. Look at who they are actually acquainted with,
  2. Who they’re Entourage is, and
  3. Who they follow as mentors.

The best way to do so is simply add them or follow them on social media. Check out they’re updates and what they have to offer to the world. Then simply ask yourself:

  • Does this person seem as someone knowledgeable?
  • Is this someone I can relate to?
  • Is there anyone else that can give you some insight about that particular person and what they have done for them?

In my experience, this has been the absolute BEST way to find out if this person is someone I’d like to learn more about making money online.

It’s led me to a ton of great friendships, mentors, and communities online that have helped me move from complete novice to a somewhat knowledgeable coach. (Just because I don’t like to boast about myself) 😉

So now let’s go ahead and debunk myth #2 about making money online.

Making Money Online Without Socializing

Alright, so here’s making money online myth #2 – “I don’t have to socialize with anyone. All I have to do is write ads all day on all types of site, including social media, and I’ll be RICH!!!”

B.S. lie #2!!!

Any business, whether your online, offline, selling socks, washing cars, making coffee, etc.., you absolutely MUST socialize.

Guys and gals, people are not robots. People are…well…PEOPLE!

Just like you wouldn’t like to be thrown products and services at you, others don’t appreciate it as well.

We all like the freedom and comfort of making our own decisions, especially when it has to do with our personal finances.

Making money online is no different. You must become a social butterfly and learn how to mingle, just like you would in a party.

Don’t become the person online that is mainly a ghostly apparition. Make your appearances online on a regular basis.

Now if you’re a lot like me (busy as all get out!!!), making appearances online can seem a bit overwhelming. But it all comes down to time management.

If you’ve developed a strong following online as a leader, and are providing value ALWAYS, then your reader will understand when there has been some time between updates and posts. (Nice! Did you notice how I added that “sorry for the huge delay” in there?) hehe

Are you starting to get the picture here?

  1. Do your research and find AUTHENTIC leaders in the making money online niche,
  2. And become social online.

Simple? I thought so! But don’t think this is all there is to creating a profitable business that you can leverage and pass on to future generations.

It take a bit, well more like a ton, of more work than just that. But these are very strong forms of foundations to build your making money online business on.

And if you’re looking for more great tips on making money online, be sure to CLICK HERE for a FREE behind the scenes look at how I train my team at making money online.

Take care and as always, thanks for visiting!

making money online

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  1. Jason Days says:

    Dang making money at home has always really been so difficult; usually I get some ebooks and get money from those. although they are really expensive! Trying to make money without any sort of job experience is even harder. A lot of things is just useless, but this post surprisingly helped. Great Info! 🙂

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