The Excuses Network Marketers Use To Make Themselves Feel Productive


What’s Your Network Marketing Excuse For Not Seeing Results?

network marketer excusesTime and time again, I’m seeing the same pattern. Network marketers using the same worn-out marketing strategy that originally never made them a sale, and probably barely generated them any qualified leads.

Enough already!!!

I mean really! How much time and work are you putting into something that honestly isn’t doing a thing for you?

I see this everyday and I can’t help but to pull them to the side and give them some of my own secrets to getting results.

Even if what I share, to me, seems as something that would be common sense, others find it astonishing and thank me for sharing it.

OK, here’s the truth. I love helping others, even if what I shared with them had no direct effect on me making any profits from it.

Is that a good thing? Maybe and maybe not.

You tend to attract a lot of FREE-LOADERS that want everything done for them and do not fully understand the importance of working hard in this industry.

But back to the network marketing excuses, how many of you can HONESTLY tell me that the hundred of hour you’ve spent online, especially on social media, have actually payed off?

Not too many, I see!

Alrighty then (Ace Ventura quote), let’s first acknowledge what ARE those tasks that are making you think that you’re actually being productive in your home business.

Breaking Down The Medial Tasks Most Use As Network Marketing Excuses

First and foremost, SOCIAL MEDIA. For those that are Twitterholics, this one’s for you! 😉

Social media is a great source for finding new friends, business associates, celebrities, gurus, and even the occasional high school friend you haven’t seen in 20 years.

But it can also become the BIGGEST time waster when it comes to your home business.

If you’re staring at the screen of your PC or MAC for hours upon hours at your social media accounts and not really making any profit, can you honestly say you’ve been productive that day?

The answer is obviously not. There are so many tools people can use to automate their social media posts that saves a ton of time, allowing you to focus on actually responding to those that have responded to you.

This cuts back on waiting for someone to socialize with you on social media and you can get back to the more productive tasks of your home business.

Next, is video marketing. We all know how powerful video marketing can be for generating a ton of traffic and leads, but what most don’t know is how to get those videos seen online.

Spending a ton of time recording, editing, re-recording because you didn’t like the face you made at 2:13 minutes in the video, and so on, all time consuming tasks which are important IF you do the EFFICIENTLY and know how to get those videos seen and commented on.

And finally, FORUMS!

Forums are a great tool for socializing but also a HUGE time waster if you’re not focusing on using this marketing strategy effectively.

Using forum marketing, just like social media marketing, takes time, A LOT OF IT!

Finding interesting conversations to post to, arguing with spammers on the forums, having to sit there and explain to the (excuse the phrase) idiot that is calling you a scammer without knowing the first thing about this industry, ALL TIME WASTERS!

How To Break Free Of The Network Marketing Excuses

The point here is that you have to be managing your time and focusing on the tasks that WILL bring you the results you’re looking for.

You need to sit back, think about ALL the tasks you perform throughout your day in your home business, and organize them from most important to least important.

Remember, you are the CEO of YOUR BUSINESS.

Would you fire yourself for all the time you waste online? There’s been ton’s of times I know I would have fired myself.

So STOP WASTING TIME online and set up time management for your home business, because it’s YOUR HOME BUSINESS!

network marketer excuses


  1. Elsa Mendoza says:

    I will give you reasons not excuses:

    I think network marketing is more complex than I expected to be at least for someone like me who want to know why, how, when, where things happened. When I’ve learned that more than 90% of people fail in this type of marketing I realize that something -which I did not know what it was- must need to be LEARNED…so I started to look for it…then giving my name and e-mail, was the tip of the iceberg…

    You said:

    “I see this everyday and I can’t help but to pull them to the side and give them some of my own secrets to getting results.”

    “OK, here’s the truth. I love helping others, even if what I shared with them had no direct effect on me making any profits from it.”

    If we are honest and sincere and want to be successful finding someone like you who like to share and love helping others then we realize that there is a very good reason to get COMMITTED and keep on trying to accomplish what ever goal we have set. God bless you for that!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I found this story while surfing for lyrics, useful comments and good points made.

  3. The excuses that people come out with can be laughable.
    I always wonder why they bother because as an entrepreneur the only person that excuse is for is YOU – why try and make excuses to yourself you know thats all they are.
    Brigitte Mehr´s last blog post ..Excellent Marketing To Get In A Lather About!

  4. Pablo says:

    Elsa, thank you for that heart-felt comment. You are showing us more and more that you “Get It”. You’re starting to understand the true purpose of this industry and are beginning to emit those very same qualities. Always a pleasure to hear from you Elsa! Be sure to leave more comments as I highly value them. 🙂

  5. Pablo says:

    I totally agree. Excuses are nothing more than restrictions we place on ourselves with the sole purpose of keeping us in a BETA state. A true ALPHA never makes excuses and only makes results happen! 🙂

  6. Hey may I quote some of the insight here in this post if I link back to you?

  7. Insightful. Inspirational. Beautifully Designed :). The experiences and skills gained through your website be carried throughout my professional career. If only everyone had the same level of perseverance – the world would be an enjoyable place to live in. Ciao for now :). I hope this message is worthy of being posted.

  8. Pablo says:

    Sure Nathanael, as long as you post who the original author of the content is and link back.

  9. Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

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