What Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Magically Stay Focused On Success


Ever wonder if network marketing leaders are really who they say they are?

focus on successHow can a normal person, living a supposed normal everyday life be so successful at their business without it interfering with their personal lives? This is a question we as home business owners receive everyday from individuals that are interested in what we have to offer.

Nevertheless, the task of staying organized and focused is an easy one, if and only if you can manage to follow these two very simple steps I’m about to reveal to you. But first, let’s get a better understanding as to what these qualities can achieve for you.

Understand that nothing is more important than a focused life. If you’re able to stay the course in whatever you’re trying to achieve, obviously that path will be an easier, less complicated path to reaching your specific goal. On the other hand, if you’re losing your mental stability trying to literally split yourself in four different parts as you’re trying to go down four different paths, the chances of you getting to your goal is slim to none.

It’s just like a good friend and mentor once told me, “You can’t chase 100 different rabbits down 100 different rabbit holes and expect to catch one.”

So let’s get to the two very simple steps to staying focused I mentioned earlier.

Two Strategies You Can Begin Using Today To Stay Focused

Remember, these are only my personal recommendations regarding how YOU can stay just as focused on your goals as these network marketing industry leaders are in their business, even if you have children running around your home like I do. 🙂

  1. Stop trying to do it all, do less – Let’s be real, you cannot expect to accomplish numerous tasks pertaining to your home business in a short period of time. We all, including myself, have tried doing do and failed miserably. Here’s a great tip: Spread out your tasks for that particular week and write down a schedule for yourself achieving these tasks. Start off by making seven columns, one for everyday of the week. On the left side of your chart, start writing down your available time throughout your day. This gives you a better idea as to how much REAL time you have to focus on building your business. If it’s only 2-3 hours, focus on accomplishing a most 2 money-making tasks that you know will bring you the results you’re looking for. Every other distraction will just have to wait. Do this for everyday of the week and you’ll see how much more organized and just how much more results you are achieving.
  2. Do only that which matters most – This next step follows directly with the previous step. ONLY FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST! If you’re trying to build your network marketing business entirely online, you know exactly how many other distractions you will have as you’re sitting at your computer. Social media, e-mails, flashy colors and the latest news reports will pop up at you just about every 10 seconds. Talk about distractions! So what’s the best way to avoid all of these distractions? TURN THEM OFF! You’ve probably been told more than once to “stop watching so much television, you’re wasting your life away.” Same goes for any other distraction online. If you only have a short period of time to create some sort of marketing campaign or unique content, don’t waste it trying to answer people’s Tweets, Facebook posts, or check your emails. Only do what matters most at that given period. Believe me, you’ll get so much more done just by shutting off all distractions. Even if it’s for 2-3 hours while you’re building your business empire.

Remember this one thing told to me by yet another great mentor, Mr. John Jackson, “Attempting everything and achieving nothing will drain the life out of you.” I’ve been there and I’ve done that! You can’t spread yourself so thin and not expect to do some kind of damage, either to yourself or those around you.

We are only human. And those of us that have taken the challenge to become entrepreneurs and become financially independent, our mission is a difficult one. But the rewards are well worth it!

Take care fellow entrepreneur!


focus on success


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  1. Robyn says:

    As always Pablo, your articles are pertinent and timely. Thanks for constantly creating great content!

    🙂 Robyn Hatfield

  2. Pablo says:

    Hey Robyn, thanks for the comment. Always a pleasure to hear from you. 🙂

  3. John says:

    Thanks again Pablo,

    It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all we have to do, often that overwhelm also causes us to forget the important things that really need to get done. Have to keep reminding myself to schedule everything out.
    .-= John´s last blog ..How Important is the Product to Your Success in Your Business? =-.

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