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Know How To Deal With Rejection And Stop The Useless Struggling

how to deal with rejectionEver had someone completely unleash on you as you’re prospecting for your business? If you haven’t yet, get ready!

It happens to the best of us. But knowing how to deal with rejection will either make you or break you in this industry.

People will be people, and who are we to take their negative responses personally when we have no idea what’s happening in their life that very moment?

You could have just encountered someone that might of lost their job, is having personal family issues, etc. But when someone lashes out, most network marketers have no idea how to deal with rejection.

Lucky for you, I’m going to share some very simple steps that will make you an expert in knowing how to deal with rejection.

If Kids Know How To Deal With Rejection Why Not You

Ever study how kids can over come any rejection you give them? It’s like they were born experts at knowing how to deal with rejection!

You say “NO” and they continue to whine and complain, ’till eventually (and maybe not that same day) they wound up getting what they asked for.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re going to whine and throw a tantrum on the ground until you get what you want!

Nevertheless, that would be hilarious! And if you do, PLEASE PLEASE record a video because I would LOVE to see it. 🙂

What I am suggesting is knowing how to properly respond and also being able to follow up with them at a later time and date.

“So just how can that be done?” you may be asking. And the answer will surprise you!

You see, in this industry, having a bit of knowledge in personal psychology will come in handy. As well as a LOT of patience!

But the art of how to deal with rejection is becoming a better listener. That’s right, LISTEN UP!

When you take the time out to HEAR your prospect (and I do mean hear past the actual message they are telling you), you’ll be able to know exactly how to deal with rejection from that person.

How To Deal With Rejection By Improving Your Listening

We all get so ahead of ourselves in this industry that we forget what the actual purpose is in network marketing.

That purpose is to HELP PEOPLE that want to be helped. Not everyone wants the help, but it sure seems that everyone complains about not being helped! AM I RIGHT!?

And when you’re being rejected by a prospect, listen closely to their reason or excuse. You might be able to find a hidden GEM that can help you turn that conversation around to a more productive one.

Again, not everyone will actually want the help, so knowing who to actually help will save you tons of time and headaches, believe me.

But then it comes to the fact that so many network marketers are just plain burnt out of trying to become successful by following exactly what their company tells them.

The issue there is that what they are teaching you actually works, IF you understand how and why people do the things they do.

Convenient Way You Can Skip The Learning Curve On How To Deal With Rejection

I know all of this might seem a bit overwhelming when it seems all you’d like to do is make a quick sale.

But you’re in luck!

What if you can AUTOMATE the process of knowing how to deal with rejection, would you do it?

Of course you would and at the same time avoid the skill of how to deal with rejection.


Click the link, add your email address, and watch the short video. Then get started right now and stop wasting anymore time in your business!

Don’t let not knowing how to deal with rejection keep you frustrated any longer!

how to deal with rejection

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