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Your Why | What’s Driving You To Search NOW For A Change In Your Life?

Just got off the phone with a new team member and had the most interesting conversation about “Your Why.”

As a routine with ALL new members, I ask this one specific question to get a better understanding of how serious they are about becoming successful:

“What the main reason WHY you are looking RIGHT NOW for an online business, specifically with CarbonCopyPRO?”

And the answer she gave me motivated me enough to shoot out this quick video.

Check it out and leave me your comments below the video. Tell me YOUR reason WHY you do what you do. 🙂

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Take care!
your why



  1. Great video and good for her – you show them how it’s done lady! Nice that she wants to help them out when she’s a master marketer herself too.
    Rich Mallinson´s last blog post ..Fast track To A Profitable Internet Business – 3 Key Steps You Have to Know-

  2. Pablo says:

    And she will be! 😉 Thanks for the comment Rich. Great to see you here!

  3. Melanie says:

    Great blog Pablo!
    I LOVE the layout…super content.
    Thanks for sharing this!!
    Look forward to your next post.
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Internet Marketing Training- Stay Current

  4. Pablo says:

    Thank you Melanie! Great to see you here. be sure to come back and visit anytime. 🙂

  5. Pablo that was a powerful why. I hope that fire stays with her and carries her to the top. As far as my why you are right it’s not about the money. If it were that I could collect a certain amount of rocks to achieve what I really want then I would want the rocks. My point is the money and the success are only a means to an end like you allude to in the vid. My why is true freedom and the challenge. Freedom to do and go when I want to, vacation when I want to, take a 3hr lunch if I want to etc. we only have one life and I want to live mine to the fullest. The challenge would come in the form of continuing to build on that success until I get to the point where the money is working for me. Yep this is my why and thanks for posing the question.

    Steve Shoemaker
    “future slacker”
    Steve Shoemaker´s last blog post ..Socially Optimize Your Internet MLM Business

  6. Pablo says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for stopping bye and leaving a comment. Yeah, it’s definitely a must-have if you want to succeed in this industry. But sometimes we need a WHY just a bit stronger than just “Freedom” to push us through those tough times when we feel like giving up. Having “Freedom” as a why, for me, just isn’t enough to make me want to continue on and on, pouring tons of time and effort into this business. My WHY is my 3 year old son. He continually pushes me through EVERY tough moment on life and everything I do is for him. 🙂

  7. Hi Pablo — Great idea to create a ‘buzz’ around people’s WHY!

    My WHY is to Break my Family Tradition of Poverty in a BIG WAY.

    . . . so I may live my life on my terms and give to the charities of my choice!

    Please leave a comment at my vid on ‘Why’ – at You Tube.
    Thanks so much, Pablo!
    Sunshower Rose´s last blog post ..Step VIII of 12 Step Prgrm- Marketing- Follow Up

  8. Tony says:

    Hey Pablo,

    Great video on your WHY. It truly is the reason why anyone would even decide to join the ranks of being an entrepreneur. My why is something that I’ve had for a very long time. Growing up, my parents struggled not only financially but just in maintaining a positive life because in their mind they couldn’t provide the things for us as kids. Well, I want to be able to provide not only financial “security” to my family but also the peace of mind that provisions will be there for them. Also it will enable my family to really appreciate the essence of taking control of your life in all aspects.

    I’m glad to have seen this post because it is always great to be reminded of your WHY.

    Look forward to more of you posts.

    To your success,
    Tony´s last blog post ..Enough Studying…Time For Action

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