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Why What You Thought About Goal Setting Is All Wrong

goal settingI’ve spent a better part of the last five years trying to fully understand the concept of goal setting. Even though I understood the high importance of having goals to achieve, I could never truly determine what it is I truly wanted in life.

Financial freedom is probably the #1 goal set by every person in the world. But what does it truly bring? After having financial freedom, then WHAT?

This is a question that had been giving me stress for some time and I feel is a contributing factor to why the results I expected from my goal setting never actually did manifest.

Are you having this same issue? Are you just not 100% clear on what it is you TRULY want, that one thing that just makes you smile every time you picture it in your mind?

I believe strongly that this confusion is caused by not fully understanding the difference between an “unselfish” goal to one that is “selfish”.

There are goals that are clearly directed at our own personal gain and there are those directed entirely outside of us, aimed solely towards a bigger picture, a desire to want to do something that will give you the recognition you are seeking and benefiting as many other people as possible.

So let’s get a better picture as to doing proper goal setting and separating SELFISH from UNSELFISH goals

How To Classify Your Goal Setting Efforts Once And For All

As I mentioned, the biggest issue with goal setting is not knowing exactly what you want. A “broad” goal of financial freedom, paying off your debt, traveling the world, buying a new car, while they are all fine goals to achieve, they are NOT big enough goals to motivate the average person to go after them with full force.

Motivation is a HUGE factor when it comes to working towards those goals, but motivation is what the average person lacks and the main reason why 97% of people never accomplish what they set out to do.

So in determining what it is you truly want, here’s a simple way to categorize your goal setting efforts that will allow for you to SEE a bigger picture and realize your WHY in life:

  • What Would Be Classified As A SELFISH Goal: A goal in which the entire result would only benefit YOU and/or those close to you. For example, paying off your debt. As it would clearly remove a lot of stress related to finances, that situation could become temporary and within a few short months or years, debt can begin to accumulate again. In goal setting, look to imagine yourself ALREADY debt free, living that kind of lifestyle, and then ask yourself “Now what?”. Look beyond that goal as far as possible and you will realize that there truly is no “Motivating Factor” behind it and why most people never achieve it.
  •  What Would Be Classified As An UNSELFISH Goal: Now keep in mind that these terms are ONLY used to better describe the actual PURPOSE behind setting these goals. When materialistic goals are those that first pop into your mind when asked “What do you want most in life?”, you MUST picture yourself already in attainment of these goals. Picturing yourself in that position gives you better clarity of what your life would be like and the feeling you will have in that specific lifestyle. But what if when you picture yourself, you still aren’t fully fulfilled? What if you still feel as if something is missing or as if something more needs to be done? This is what I mean by UNSELFISH goal setting. When you can picture yourself in that state in which you’ve already achieved all of those materialistic goals BUT have done so by achieving a LARGER goal or purpose (ie: helped others become financially free, taught many others on increasing their personal belief level or self esteem, have created opportunities in your community for those living at a low income level to support their families and attain a roof over their heads, etc.), that specific sense of fulfillment is NOW felt as you build your gratitude towards having received the material compensation you where looking for.

To better understand what YOUR specific goal setting technique would be, let’s go over a few tips that will help you gain even MORE clarity as to what you truly want in life.

Goal Setting Tips To Get A Laser Focus On Your WHY

There’s obviously a never-ending resource of tools and techniques you can use to gain that clarity you are looking for in your goal setting.

Nevertheless, what I am going to suggest is ONLY what I’ve personally done and has worked out for me.

You see, this topic has been a HUGE issue for me to understand and actually implement. And the harder I tried, the more frustrating it became YET the harder I tried to figure it out.

Must be my hardheaded personality that doesn’t allow me to just give up! 😉

But with that said, here’s what I’ve personally done to find my true WHY:

  1. Read Books – Over the past 5 years, I think I’ve read over 30 books. Now, do you think I actually remember EVERYTHING I read in those books? Absolutely NOT! And here’s why. I felt that the more I read, whether I remembered it or not, the more conscious I would be to knowing my WHY and actually finding my purpose in life. But the reality is I was doing it all wrong. I made a commitment to myself on December of 2012 that for 2013, I will ONLY read 2 books for the entire year. Those books are Think and Grow Rich and the BIBLE. I knew I needed to better understand the way successful people think and that I also had to gain a better knowledge of our creator and HIS purpose for creating us. Place in your goal setting the discipline of reading no more that 2 books (that means actually studying them) for the entire year, and by December you will not be the same person you are today.
  2. Meditate – Yeah, I know, you might be thinking that meditation is for those bald-headed guys that sit far up in the mountains with nothing around them, trying to learn the art of levitation. LOL! But in reality, meditation has made a HUGE impact in my personal goal setting. “Be still and KNOW that I am GOD…” is a verse found in Psalms 46:10. There’s POWER in quieting your mind and being still. It’s a known fact that your intuition speaks to you all day long, but because your mind is saturated by noise and images, it’s literally impossible for you to hear it. Make a commitment to take at least 30 minutes every single day to find a quiet place, close your eyes, and quiet your mind.  Then can you begin to picture that which you want to have most in life. Believe me, it works!
I could go on and on of different ways to better conduct goal setting, but I leave that for my team of leaders as PRIVATE training and seminars.

So if more techniques and clarity on goal setting is what you’d like, be sure to add be at our next weekly Wednesday Night Webinar where we share industry secrets that will help you explode your business!

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