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Strong Willed Or Short Lived, You Decide On Social Media Marketing

social media marketing, facebook marketingIt’s 11.27 am. A message comes in to my BlackBerry from someone posting something on my Facebook wall. I’m assuming he think he’s using social media marketing correctly.

As I look at my phone, it automatically opens to the most recent message and to my horror…. “Nice to meet you! Hey, would you like to become the next President? Just invest into my business opportunity and you could win one GAZILLION bucks!”


Has social media marketing hit a brick wall at 100mph?

It sure seems as if! With all the social media marketing training online and off, with bloggers like myself and sooooo many others posting content on what NOT to do on social media, is it THAT HARD to follow some simple directions? Read More→

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Buying Into Another Job

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Are You Buying Into A Business Or Buying Into Another Job?

another jobNever looked at it as another job, did you? Most people that join a home based business don’t.

They look at all the benefits, they visualize all the money, cars, boats, houses, fame, etc, bit never visualize HOW they are going to get there.

And you can’t blame yourself if you’re feeling that way now. I tell you what, 99% of people that start a home business in MLM or direct sales feel the exact same way. Read More→

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Why Your Promotion Strategy’s Only Focus Should Be On…

promotion strategyIn today’s world as an entrepreneur, finding your specific promotion strategy seems more and more like finding the head of a needle in a haystack.

Too much commotion, way too much hype, and all the competition online seems as if you are speaking to the wall when it comes to your specific promotion strategy. But without fully understanding WHY, you’re pretty much left high and dry. Read More→

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Two Making Money Online Myths Debunked

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Two Myths Of Making Money Online Debunked And Resolved

making money onlineMy goodness, can there be anymore information about making money online? Really! Geeez!!!

Even as a marketing coach, taking a few minutes to do some research on any topic that has to do with making money online just flat-out gives me a headache.

Now I can imagine most of you entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs doing the same:


  1. Going to Google,
  2. Typing in a certain keyword to research,
  3. And getting spammed with everyone and their mother saying “The BEST Marketing Strategy For Driving A Shit-Load Of FREE Traffic And Making A Gazillion Bucks Online!!!” Blah, Blah, Blah….. Read More→
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Revealing 6 Easy Ways To Master The Most Profitable Leadership Skill, “Influence”

leadership skillEver wonder what leadership skill some people have that automatically make them stick out of a crowd?

Ever think to yourself  “I wonder what he/she has that I don’t and why I don’t have what that person does?”  ie. the lifestyle you want.

There’s no true magic behind it folks. These people have developed a leadership skill, probably without even knowing it, that allows them to just attract whomever or whatever they absolutely please.

Sickening, ain’t it? Just kidding! 😉 Read More→

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Urgent Vs Important

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Differentiating Urgent Vs Important Daily Tasks In Your Home Business

urgent vs importantUrgent vs Important. This has always been an issue when you’re trying to manage the one-hundred-and-one tasks you assign yourself in this home business industry.

But the frightening part is, only about 3% of entrepreneurs know how to differentiate between urgent vs important.

Checking your emails, staring at Twitter and Facebook for hours, organizing your desk, positioning your phone just right so to be ready to call those leads you’ve been dreading to call, etc. Read More→

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Practicing These Business Etiquette Tips Are What’s Going To Keep You In Business, No B.S.

business etiquette tips, manners and etiquette, network marketing etiquetteIt’s nothing new in this industry to find a few network marketers that STILL don’t understand the concept of value driven marketing. Allow me to explain!

You see, my students and I have a very close relationship in which we share stories and events that happen in our lives, specifically if it relates to business.

So as I was conducting one of my “Personal Coaching” trainings with one of my team members, he shared a very unique, but too often heard of horror story about business etiquette tips in network marketing.

You see, he was researching on a new marketing technique with some self-proclaimed “Marketing GURUS” and was approached with an aggressive marketing technique. Read More→

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Strategies To Beating The Indecisive Subconscious Voice That’s Telling You To Quit

the power of the subconscious mindEver heard the phrase “successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly?” If you’re undecided on what you want out of life, there’s no true way to focus on your goals, because honestly, you don’t have any.

Let me share with you a story. As days go by, life continuously challenges us.

Whether at our mental state, physical state, or financial state, we always are faced with some sort of challenge that at first might seem overwhelming.

And as the story goes for a hard working man, his life seemed as if there were too many options to take and just not enough hard core information to make a good decision. So he thought…

You may already know, or yet realized, that with every failure comes a lesson to be learned. But as with this gentlemen, his eyes never seemed to be opened far enough to see the door that has opened because of the two others doors that shut for him. Read More→

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Understanding Your Why

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Your Why | What’s Driving You To Search NOW For A Change In Your Life?

Just got off the phone with a new team member and had the most interesting conversation about “Your Why.”

As a routine with ALL new members, I ask this one specific question to get a better understanding of how serious they are about becoming successful:

“What the main reason WHY you are looking RIGHT NOW for an online business, specifically with CarbonCopyPRO?”

And the answer she gave me motivated me enough to shoot out this quick video.

Check it out and leave me your comments below the video. Tell me YOUR reason WHY you do what you do. 🙂

Don’t forget to click that tab that says “retweet” and “share” at the top and re-post this video.

Take care!
your why


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What’s Your Network Marketing Excuse For Not Seeing Results?

network marketer excusesTime and time again, I’m seeing the same pattern. Network marketers using the same worn-out marketing strategy that originally never made them a sale, and probably barely generated them any qualified leads.

Enough already!!!

I mean really! How much time and work are you putting into something that honestly isn’t doing a thing for you?

I see this everyday and I can’t help but to pull them to the side and give them some of my own secrets to getting results.

Even if what I share, to me, seems as something that would be common sense, others find it astonishing and thank me for sharing it. Read More→

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