The Few And The Brave Achieve Success In Network Marketing

success in network marketing“Many are selected, but few are eligible.” That’s a phrase I heard my mentor tell me that at first, I didn’t understand. How is it that so many people decide on joining a home based business but SO FEW have any success in network marketing?

And throughout my battles in this industry, it was not a choice for me to learn what that phrase truly meant. For me, it was that so many people getting started into a specific business only led to saturation in that market, and only the few that where first to get involved actually made any money.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Success in network marketing has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with saturation, or even the most common EXCUSE I hear that “my upline is not helping me build my business”. Read More→

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Why What You Thought About Goal Setting Is All Wrong

goal settingI’ve spent a better part of the last five years trying to fully understand the concept of goal setting. Even though I understood the high importance of having goals to achieve, I could never truly determine what it is I truly wanted in life.

Financial freedom is probably the #1 goal set by every person in the world. But what does it truly bring? After having financial freedom, then WHAT?

This is a question that had been giving me stress for some time and I feel is a contributing factor to why the results I expected from my goal setting never actually did manifest.

Are you having this same issue? Are you just not 100% clear on what it is you TRULY want, that one thing that just makes you smile every time you picture it in your mind? Read More→

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It Sure Does Seem As Most Network Marketing People Are A Different Breed

network marketing peopleNetwork marketing people can HYPE it up all they want!

They can claim that their MLM / Network Marketing opportunity is the best thing that’s come since sliced bread!

They can sugar-coat it, slap it with butter, deep fry it, and even slap it on the grill!!!

But no matter how much network marketing people want to add to their primary company and how much they think the products and services are better than anyone else’s, there is a TRUTH behind this industry that I still see very little people sharing.

And that’s the FACT that the SOLE-PURPOSE of network marketing people is to achieve FREEDOM! Read More→

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Priceless Small Business Blogging Tips And Why You Need Them

small business marketing tipsIt’s apparent that the internet is never going away and understanding the importance of small business blogging tips is what will make or break ANY business today.

Hence why we are consistently seeing new forms of marketing online for large and small businesses worldwide.

In that regard, you’re beginning to notice lots and lots of small businesses opening their own blog online. Not only is the idea of a business blog is excellent, but what happens if that business owner does not know exactly how to attract their customers through their site?

In today’s post, I want to share with you several small business blogging tips that will get your website ranking in the search engines like never before, literally leaving your competitors in the dust!

But what happens when a small business does not have an internet presence? Read More→

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When Priorities Are Just Not Where They Should Be

get your priorities straightEver wonder why we find it so easy to find the money we need to purchase things that honestly are a waste of money, but when it comes to investing in our own future, we hesitate?

Is it that we just don’t find it important enough?

Is it that a new iPhone 5 is more important than being able to walk away from a job for a career that makes us 3-4 times MORE MONEY?

Or is it because we’ve been programmed my social influences (ie: TV, radio, friends, ads) that we just NEED to have this money-sucking item that just leaves us more broke than we originally started? Read More→

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Know How To Deal With Rejection And Stop The Useless Struggling

how to deal with rejectionEver had someone completely unleash on you as you’re prospecting for your business? If you haven’t yet, get ready!

It happens to the best of us. But knowing how to deal with rejection will either make you or break you in this industry.

People will be people, and who are we to take their negative responses personally when we have no idea what’s happening in their life that very moment?

You could have just encountered someone that might of lost their job, is having personal family issues, etc. But when someone lashes out, most network marketers have no idea how to deal with rejection. Read More→

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Is Your Marketing Lead Qualified To Work With You

marketing lead“What do you mean are they qualified to work with me? Isn’t this industry for everyone?”

These are the most common question I receive when I ask a new business associate and they look as if they didn’t know that each of their marketing lead should be pre-qualified.

Sounds like a lot of work? It’s actually much more simple that what you would expect. But hang tight because towards the end of this post, I’ll be sharing with you a SECRET to having your marketing lead pre-qualified on autopilot! Read More→

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No Wussies Allowed In Multilevel Marketing!

multilevel marketingBy now you’ve probably realized that even though there’s HUGE income potential in multilevel marketing, it’s not as easy as working for an employer.

There’s a mindset shift that has to happen. And if it doesn’t, well you might as well stop torturing yourself and go back into the corporate world working on someone else’s dream!

Check out the video to find out what that multilevel marketing mindset is: Read More→

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Why You’ve Steered Away From Customer Retention

customer retentionInformation overload seems to be one of the biggest reasons why so many in the industry of network marketing FORGET the purpose of the products they market. Realistically, what better way to build your business than to have a high customer retention that continuously purchase and refer the products to the individuals they personally know?

Knowledge on leadership, networking, business building, internet marketing, and so on steers away from your main focus.

Every business in the industry of network marketing offers some pretty amazing products NOT found in local stores, hence WHY they have been created to be marketed through this very same industry.

With that said, WHY are so many people still not understanding the importance of customer retention when it comes to building their network marketing business? Read More→

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Offline Prospecting – The Do’s And Don’ts of How to Break the Ice

offline prospectingStriking up a conversation with someone in your offline prospecting for most seems to bring forward this enormous fear of rejection. “How will I approach someone?” “What will I say?” “How will they respond?” Blah, blah blah!!!

Have you noticed that when it comes to offline prospecting, because it’s being done with the intention of leading the conversation towards what you have to offer, becomes one of those tasks that you’d rather visit a dentist instead?

Most people are intimidated, frustrated, have a low self-esteem, and absolutely have no idea how to break the ice with someone when it comes to prospecting.

But is offline prospecting truly that difficult? Why can most people start a conversation with anyone as long as in their minds they know it’s not being done with the intention to prospect?

It all comes down to one thing, FEAR. Read More→

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